Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nila Gumbad (Blue Dome) near Humayun Tomb, Nizamuddin -Delhi Photo Gallery

The blue-domed structure in the middle of the road junction in front of the entrance to Humayun's tomb is a seventeenth-century tomb called Sabz Burj. An octagonal tomb with a dome of blue tiles, supposedly built by one of Akbar's nobles to honour a faithful servant, and which may possibly predate Humayun's Tomb. On your way round to the Nila Gumbad.
Nila Gumbad is an example of ancient Indian architecture. The dome has derived its name for its blue color. It was built in the memory of Fahim Khan, the attendant of Abdur Rahim Khan. It is situated in the eastern enclosure wall of Humayun's Tomb complex. This onion shaped blue dome is one of the major tourist attractions in Delhi.

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